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Apollonius Epitome

[Apollonius Pergaeus / Archimedes] BORELLI, Giovanni Alfonso. Elementa Conica'et Archimedis Opera Nova & breviora methodo demonstrata. Rome, Mascardi, 1679.

Scarce first edition of this pocket epitome of Apollonius' Conics along with a pr's of the arguments of various works of Archimedes.

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Briggs And Napier Come To The Continent
In A Contemporary Binding

BRIGGS, Henry / NAPIER, John / VLACQ, Adrian. Arithmetica Logarithmica sive Logarithmorum Chiliades Centrum, pro numeris naturali serie crescentobus ab Unitate ad 100000. Una cum Canone Triangulorum Seu Tabula Artificialium Sinuum, Tangentium & Secantium . Gouda, Petrus Rammasenius, 1628.

Rare editions of two works important for bringing the new computational technique of Briggs and Napier to the Continent.

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With 60 Plates in Early Color

MAYER, [Johann] Tobias. Mathematische Atlas in welchern auf 60 Tabellen alle Theile der Mathematic vorgestellet; und nicht allein upt zu bequemer Wiederholung, sondern auch den Anfern besonders zur Aufmunterung durch deutliche Beschreibung und Figuren entworfen werden. Augsburg, Joh(ann) Andreas Pfeffel, 1745.

Rare first and sole edition of this encyclopedic illustrated survey applying the latest mathematical methods to theoretical as well as practical sciences (e.g. geography), by the 22 year old cartographer Mayer.

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Table of Contents

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