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26 Anatomical Engravings

DU LAURENS, André. Toutes Les Oeuvres. Paris, for Raphael du Petit Val a Rouen, 1613.

Scarce, French-language edition of Du Laurens'works, with a set of 26 anatomical engravings derived from Vesalius and others.

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The First Book On Exercise And Health

MERCURIALE, Girolamo. Artis Gymnasticae apud Antiquos Celeberrimae nostris Temporibus Ignoratae Libri Sex. Venice, Giunti, 1569.

Scarce first edition of "the first book on exercise and health, and an important source for the study of gymnastics among the ancients.

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Rare Commentary On Cesalpino's Cardiology

[Cesalpino] TAURELLO, Nicolaus. Alpes Caesae, Hoc est, Andreae Caesalpini Itali, Monstrosa & Superba Dogmata Scriptum acre, acutum & limatum, Philosophiae studiosis ad enodandas & enucleandis controversias & disputationes Physicas difficilimas admodum utile & necessarium. Frankfurt, Zacharias Palthenius, 1597.

Rare first edition of this commentary on Cesalpino's Peripeteticarum Quaestionum (1571) by Nicolai Taurelius, Professor of Medicine and Philosophy in Altdorf, of interest for the contemporary reception of Cesalpino as well as the spread of his doctrines outside of Italy.

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