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With 41 Woodcuts Of Mining And Metallurgical Apparatus

ERCKER, Lazarus. Aula Subterranea Domina Dominantium Subdita Subditorum. Das ist: untererdische Hofhaltung, ohne welche weder die Herren regieren, noch die Unterthanen gehorchen kn; Interpres phraseologiae metallurgicae. Frankfurt, Paul Hummen for Johann David Zunners, 1672-3.

Scarce augmented edition of this illustrated technological classic, "second only to Agricola in the number of original contributions to the literature of mining and metallurgy and the beauty of the graphic treatment of the crafts." - Dibner 89 (1574)

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"Sir" John Hill In Italian

HILL, Giovanni. Decade di Alberi curiosi ed eleganti delle Indie Orientali e dell'America ultimamente fatte gia note dall'idioma Inglese, ridotto all Italiana Favella, col lasciare intatta la descrizione Latina, a corredata di aliquante note. Rome, Stamperia Salomoni, 1786.

Scarce first Italian edition of this description of a selection of trees and plants, of which the majority are said to be illustrated for the first time, by the prolific British botanist credited with introducing the Linnaean system of classification into Britain.

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The Zetzner Lull

LULL, Raymund. Opera ea quae ad inventam ab ipso artem universalem [with:] Clavis Artis Lullianae, et Verae Logices. Strasburg, for Heirs of Lazarus Zetzner, 1651.

Scarce Strasburg edition of the collected works of Lull, including commentaries of Heinrich Cornelius Agrippa, and here with an important 17th-century presentation of the Lullian Ars by the encyclopedist Johann Alsted.

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With 60 Plates in Early Color

MAYER, [Johann] Tobias. Mathematische Atlas in welchern auf 60 Tabellen alle Theile der Mathematic vorgestellet; und nicht allein upt zu bequemer Wiederholung, sondern auch den Anfern besonders zur Aufmunterung durch deutliche Beschreibung und Figuren entworfen werden. Augsburg, Joh(ann) Andreas Pfeffel, 1745.

Rare first and sole edition of this encyclopedic illustrated survey applying the latest mathematical methods to theoretical as well as practical sciences (e.g. geography), by the 22 year old cartographer Mayer.

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The First Book On Exercise And Health

MERCURIALE, Girolamo. Artis Gymnasticae apud Antiquos Celeberrimae nostris Temporibus Ignoratae Libri Sex. Venice, Giunti, 1569.

Scarce first edition of "the first book on exercise and health, and an important source for the study of gymnastics among the ancients.

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