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The First Monograph Devoted To A Celebrated Work Of Art

BOCCHI, Francesco. Eccellenza della Statua del San Giorgio di Donatello Scultore Fiorentino, posta nella facciata di fuori d'Orsan Michele dove si tratta del Costume, della Vivacit della Bellezza di detta Statua. Florence, Giorgio Marescotti, 1584.

Rare first edition of the earliest monograph devoted to a specific work of art (Schlosser, p. 391), an enthusiastic appraisal of Donatello's statue of St. George commissioned for Orsan Michele and now in the Bargello.

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Italian Translation of Hero's Pneumatics

[FETE] HERO OF ALEXANDRIA. Gli Artificiosi et curiosi moti spiritali. Bologna, Carlo Zenero, 1647.

Second edition of Aleotti's Italian translation of Hero's Pneumatics, , of interest for 17th-century theatrical machinery and festival productions.

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Lamy On Perspective

LAMY, Bernard. Traite Perspective, o't contenus les fondemens de la Peinture. Paris, Anisson, 1701.

First edition of Lamy's handsomely illustrated perspective textbook.

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Mortier's Bible:
Calvinism Meets Contemporary Citron Morocco

[Bible] MORTIER, Pierre / MARTIN, David. L'Histoire du vieux et du Nouveau Testament, Enrichie de plus de quatre cens Figures en Taille Douce, &c. Avec Privilege de nos Seigneurs les etats de Holland et de West-Frise. Amsterdam/Antwerp, Pierre Mortier, 1700.

First edition, first issue and a magnificent copy of this sumptuously illustrated print Bible.

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London Tennis Court cum Theatre
Site of Premiere of Congreve's "Love for Love"

WILKINSON, R. Remains of Gibbon's Tennis Court, as it appeared after the Fire, 17. September, 1809. Used in 1660, as the first Theatre of the Kings Company of Comedians, until the Erection of the Theatre Royal Drury Lane. London, R. Wilkinson, 1811.

Rare broadside documenting the history of one of London's first tennis courts; converted into a theatre in 1660, this was the site of William Congreve's "Love for Love" premiere (1695).

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