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Heralds of Science

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KEPLER, Johannes. Tabulae Rudolphinae, quibus Astronomicae Scientiae, Temporum longinquitate collapsae Resauratio continetur…. Ulm, J. Saur, 1627.

First edition of this classic in the history of science, a nice large genuine example of the last of Kepler’s works to appear in his lifetime, and in the judgment of Prof. Owen Gingerich, “the chief vehicle for the recognition of his astronomical accomplishments” (DSB, p. 304). It contains the first astronomical tables to be based on Kepler’s three laws of planetary motion and is the first of Kepler’s books to employ logarithms.

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An Astronomical Perpetual Calendar

SCANAVACCA, Bartolomeo. Novissima Inventione per dissegnare con grandissima facilite prestezza Horologi Solari, Italiani, Babilonici, e Francesi. Padova, Stamperia del Seminario per Bernardo Luciani, 1688.

Rare first and sole edition of this description of a sundial of the author's invention, which functioned as an astronomical perpetual calendar: determining for any day of the year the sun's rising, noon, setting, and mid-night, place of the sun in the Zodiac, etc. The work explains how to take basic measurements and co-ordinate them with the known physical points of Northern Italian cities through the calendar.

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