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[FETES / MALLORCA IMPRINTS] Anonymous. Breve noticia de las festivas domostraciones que con el plausible motivo de la real proclamacion del señor don Carlos IV. Hecha en la ciudad de Palma dia 11. de Julio de 1789. Palma de Mallorca, Imprenta Real, 1789.

Extremely rare first and sole edition of this Mallorcan festival book commemorating the festivities held in Palma on the occasion of Charles IV’s accession to the throne.

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Drawing on Vellum

[DANCE OF DEATH] Anonymous. ANONYMOUS DRAWING, attributed to Francesco di Giovanni in graphite on verso. c. 1750-1800.

Highly finished preparatory design for a fresco or tapestry connected to the Albani family, whose coat of arms appears under the left-hand arch crowned with a cardinal's hat.

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19th Century German Neo-Classicism

[NEO-CLASSICISM / COSTUME] HIRT, Aloysius / BRÜHL, Karl Friedrich Moritz, Graf von. Die Weihe des EROS URANOS. Ein festlicher Aufzug mit Tanzen. Gegeben den 8 ten Januar 1818 in weissen Saale des Königlichen Schlosses, zur hohen Vermählungsfeier…des Prinzen Friedrich von Preussen…. Berlin, Wittich, 1818.

Rare first edition of this record of an extravagant pageant-ballet performed at the Wilhelmine court of William Friedrich III, first performed for his nephew and niece and encored for the King himself about a month later.

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Royal Wedding Circa 1714:
An 18th C. Life Magazine Account

[FETES] MAGGIALI, Giuseppe. Ragguaglio della Nozze delle Maestà Filippo Quinto e di Elisabetta Farnese...celebrate in Parma l’Anno 1714. Parma, Stamperia di S.A.S., 1717.

Rare fete book celebrating the nuptials of Philip V of Spain, the Founder of the Bourbon dynasty, and Elizabeth Farnese, at Parma Cathedral in September of 1714.

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SERRANO, Thomas. Fiestas seculares, con que la coronada ciudad de Valencia celebró el feliz cumplimiento del tercer siglo de la canonizacion de su esclarecido hijo, y angel protector S. Vincente Ferrer, Apostol de Europa. Valencia, La vidua de Joseph de Orga, 1762.

Rare first edition of an illustrated festival book describing the celebration in Valencia of the 300th anniversary of the canonization of St. Vincent Ferrer (1350-1419), the Dominican friar and native of Valencia acclaimed for his missionary work, his application of logic to theology, and his efforts to end the Western Schism (1378-1418).

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