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Galileo, Guldin and Mersenne Square Off at the Collegio Romano

[[GALILEIANA] ] CASATI, Paolo. Terra machinis mota dissertationes geometricae, mechanicae, physicae, hydrostaticae ... . Rome, Ignazio de Lazaro, 1658.

Scarce augmented edition of this work on the theory of machines and the nature of gravity by the young Jesuit Paolo Casati.

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Trigonometry For The Practicing Astronomer

CAGNOLI, Antonio. Trigonometria Piana e Sferica. Paris, Francesco Ambrogio Didot, 1786.

First edition of, according to Lalande, the best book of the period on trigonometry and its application to astronomy.

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Basel Euclid In A Contemporary Binding

EUCLID. Elementorum geometricorum libri XV. Basel, Johannes Herwagen, 1546.

A genuine and attractive copy of the Basel Euclid in a contemporary binding.

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A "Logarithm Bestseller"

GARDINER, William. Tables of Logarithms for all numbers from 1 to 102100 and for the Sines and Tangents... with other useful and necessary tables. London, G. Smith, 1742.

Rare. First edition of the first work on logarithms to extend calculations to the seventh figure, celebrated for the accuracy of its computations as well as the legibility and elegance of its printing.

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Huygen's Logarithmic Curve

GRANDI, Guido. Geometrica demostratio theorematum Hugenianorum circa logisticam, seu logarithmicam lineam... Florence, Pietro Antonio Brigonci, 1701.

First edition of Grandi’s demonstration of Huygen’s logarithmic curve. Huygens had first enunciated theorems concerning the logarithmic or logistic curve (y = b ln(x/a) or x = aey/b) in a communication read before the Paris Academy in 1669; Grandi here demonstrates them in print for the first time.

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