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Galileo, Guldin and Mersenne Square Off at the Collegio Romano

[[GALILEIANA] ] CASATI, Paolo. Terra machinis mota dissertationes geometricae, mechanicae, physicae, hydrostaticae ... . Rome, Ignazio de Lazaro, 1658.

Scarce augmented edition of this work on the theory of machines and the nature of gravity by the young Jesuit Paolo Casati.

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Agricola's First Book On Mining
In A Rare Separate Leipzig Imprint

AGRICOLA, Georg. Bermannus, sive de re metallica. Ab accurata autoris recognitione & emendatione nunc primum editus. Cum nomenclatura rerum metallicarum. Leipzig, Valentinus Pap, 1546.

Rare Leipzig printing of Agricola's first book devoted to mining, "a pioneer delineation of mining and metallurgy" (DSB), and of particular interest to the study of occupational diseases.

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With 150 Woodcuts

Anonymous. Herbolario Volgare, nel qual e le virtu de le herbe, & molti altri simplici sec dechiarano, con alcune belle aggionte novamente de latino in volgare tradutto. Venice, Giovanni Andrea Vavassore, 1534.

Rare, second Italian-language edition (first 1522) of the Herbarius latinus, an important document for the dissemination of botanical/medical knowledge in popular culture, particularly for the adoption of this originally German-printed Latin work for readers in the Veneto. With 150 nearly full-page woodcut illustrations of plants.

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APIANUS, Petrus. Cosmographia Petri Apiani, per gemmam Frisium…. Paris, Viviantius Gaultherot, 1553 (1551 col).

An attractive and genuine example – with all volvelles present – of this copiously illustrated Paris edition (1553) of one of the most important astronomical and geographic texts of the Renaissance, Petrus Apianus’ Cosmographia. The work’s large, cordiform world map contains the most influential 16th-century representation of the New World (with South America labelled ‘America’ and North America depicted as a long strip of land labeled ‘Baccalearum,’ or ‘Land of Cod’).

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Magnetism At Sea

BARLOW, Peter. An Essay On Magnetic Attractions, And On The Laws Of Terrestrial And Electro Magnetism. Second Edition, much enlarged and improved... London, J. Mawman, 1823.

First published London, 1820, this is the second enlarged edition of Barlow's shipboard study of magnetism.

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