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TROILI, Guido. Paradossi per pratticare la prospettiva, senza saperla, fiori, per facilitare l?intelligenza, frutti, per non operare alla cieca. Cognitioni necessarie a Pittori, Scultori, Architetti, ed a qualunque si diletta del Disegno... Bologna, gli H. H. del Peri, 1672.

Large 4to., 64 ff. Bound in 19th-century marbled paper over boards, spine slightly chipped, hinges weakening. Interior very fresh. Generally very good.


First edition and much scarcer than the second edition of 1683. "Troili, a pupil of the quadratura painter Michelangelo Colonna, became scene painter for the Farnese theatre at Parma. Ferdinando Bibiena saw his work there (probably after the artist's death) and absorbed its influence. This original edition of Troili's exceptionally handsome book on perspective is one of the real milestones in the history of theatrical scenery: it describes the conscious use of visual deception, the creation of greater `depth' by means of oblique positioning of the wings, as common practice twenty years before Pozzo" - Breman in Architectural Theory and Practice III-B-24.

"Parte Terza" treats of shadows and fortifications.

"Libro molto letto e stimato"-- Schlosser-Magnino, p.620.

In modern times, Troili was also an influence on Gordon Craig who refered to this work often.

* Riccardi II.561; Cicognara 866 (mention of 1683 second ed.); Fowler, p. 277-278; J. Baltrusaitis, Anamorfosi, pp. 19, 21 and 23; Piantanida, Autori Italiani Del ?600, 4424.

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