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Riccioli's Testament With Two Lunar Maps

RICCIOLI, G.B.. Astronomia Reformata. Bologna, Heirs of Vittorio Benacci, 1665.

Scarce first edition of Riccioli's anti-Copernican, Tychonic geo-centrist cosmology, presenting an astronomy reformed, so he claims, of theoretical as well as observational errors, and considered a conclusion to the Almagestum novum of 1651.

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Tycho's Observatory

[BRAHE, Tycho]/RESEN, Peder Hansen. Inscriptiones Haffnienses Latinae Danicae et Germanicae Inscriptionibus Amagriensibus Uraniburgicis et Stellaeburgicis' Duabus Epsitolis una Tychonii Brahe ad Peucerum missa. Copenhagen, H. Gordianus, 1668.

Scarce first and only edition of this work on Danish antiquities, of considerable interest to the history of astronomy for containing extensive material on Tycho Brahe and his island observatory.

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