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Scurvy And Public Health

ALBERTI, Salomon. Schorbuti Historia cui inobservatum vel saltem indictum hactenus symptoma accesit. Wittenberg, Georg Muller, 1594.

Rare first edition of one of the earliest works on the subject of scurvy by the well-known anatomist, undertaken to survey the incidence of the disease in the ducal territories around Wittenberg, and consequently qualifying as an example of public health medicine.

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The First Separately Issued Archimedean Texts

ARCHIMEDES/BOETHIUS/CAMPANO Da Novara/GAURICO, Luca, ed.. Tetragonismus id est circuli quadratura per Ca(m)panu(m), Archimede(m) Syracusanu(m) atq(ue) boetium mathematicae perspicacissimos adinuenta. Venice, Ioan. Bapti. Sessa,, 1503.

First published Latin edition of De Mensura Circuli and De Quadratura Parabolae, containing Archimedes' application of the method of exhaustion (the early form of integration) and the earliest theoretical calculation of p; apart from Valla's excerpts of 1501, THE FIRST PRINTED LATIN TEXTS OF ARCHIMEDES (Rose, p. 50).

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Debut Of Thoracic Percussion

AUENBRUGGER, Leopold. Inventum novum ex percussione thoracis humani ut signo Abstrusos Interni Pectoris Morbos Detegendi. Vienna, J.T. Trattner, 1761.

Very rare first edition, first issue of "one of the greatest of medical classiscs" describing a new method of physical diagnosis--thoracic percussion, namely, tapping a patient's chest and determining from the resultant sound whether it was healthy or diseased.

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Pioneering Hydrotherapy

BRANCALEONI, Giovanni Francesco. Quam salubria balnea sint: cum ad sanitatem tuendam, tum ad morbos curandos, dialogus adversus neotericos medicos. Rome, A. Bladus de Asula, 1535.

Rare first edition of this influential balneological treatise by one of the founding fathers of hydrotherapy

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Riccioli's Testament With Two Lunar Maps

RICCIOLI, G.B.. Astronomia Reformata. Bologna, Heirs of Vittorio Benacci, 1665.

Scarce first edition of Riccioli's anti-Copernican, Tychonic geo-centrist cosmology, presenting an astronomy reformed, so he claims, of theoretical as well as observational errors, and considered a conclusion to the Almagestum novum of 1651.

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