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The First Picture of Niagara Falls & The First Picture of Buffalo

HENNEPIN, Louis. Nouvelle Decouverte d'un tres grand Pays situans L'Amerique. Utrecht, Guillaume Broedelet, 1697.

Scarce first edition and very good copy of this widely read continuation of Hennepin's travelogue, called by Lande "one of the most important volumes in the early history of North America." Hennepin went as a missionary to Canada in 1675 and accompanied La Salle to the Illinois River in 1679/80.

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Hennepin in Dutch, With New Plates

HENNEPIN, Louis.. Beschryving van Louisania, Nieuwelijks ontdekt ten Zuid-Westen van Nieuw-Vrankryk, door order van den Koning. Amsterdam, Jan Ten Hoorn, 1688.

First Dutch edition of the first and most important of Hennepin's writings (Howes), translated from the 1683 French original, Description de la Louisiane, and here augmented by Denys description of New France, BOTH ILLUSTRATED WITH NEW PLATES.

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Captain John Smith's New England

SMITH, John. Viertzehende Schiffart, Oder Gr'he vnd warhaffte Beschreibung desz Neuwen Engellandts einer Landschafft in Nordt Indien, eines Theils in America, vnter dem Capitein Johann Schmidt... Frankfurt, In verlegung der Hulsischen, 1617.

Rare first edition of the fourteenth part of Hulsius's voyage anthology, a translation into German of Captain John Smith's Description of New England (London, 1616; Church 369), which includes an early copy of Smith's map of New England. Goodspeed (1927) claims that this part of Hulsius's Sammlung von Sechs und Zwanzig Schiffarten, inspired by the success of the more lavish de Bry series, appears to be "one of the rarest of the Collection."

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