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Royal Fêtes in Barcelona Illustrated With 20 Plates

[BARCELONA FÊTES] Anonymous. Collection of nine pamphlets celebrating royal entries into Barcelona. Barcelona, 1783,1802,1827.

Rare, illustrated collection of nine ephemeral fête programs documenting three generations of royal entries into Barcelona: Charles III in 1783, his son Charles IV in 1802, and grandson Ferdinand VII in 1827. This group of pamphlets affords a comparison between royal entries staged before and after the French occupation of Catalonia (1808-1823).

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PLATO. Il dialogo di Platone intitolato Timeo, overo della natura del mondo. Venice, Comin da Trino, 1557.

Rare first Italian-language edition of this Platonic dialogue, somewhat anomalous in the Platonic corpus because of its extended treatment of the nature of physical matter and cosmology, and a favorite among Renaissance readers for its myth of Atlantis, which influenced other Renaissance utopias.

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SCANNELLI, Francesco. Il Microcosmo delle pittura, overa trattato diviso in due libri. Cesena, Neri, 1657.

Scarce first edition of this 17th-century survey of Italian painting, and a valuable document for developing Baroque gusto by a cultivated amateur. .

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The First Historian of the Xarifes Dynastic Politics in 16th-Century Morocco

TORRES, Diego de. Relation de l'origine et succez des Cherifs et de l'Estat des Royaumes de Maroc, Fez, et Tarudant. Paris, Jean Camusat, 1636.

Rare first French edition (original Spanish 1585) of Diego de Torres history of north Africa, a detailed account of the on-going conflict between the Xarifes (the Saadian dynasty), the king of Fez, and the Turks, augmented with his own first-hand observations.

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