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Natural History

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Imperial Botany

AMMAN, Johannes. Stirpium rariorum in Imperio Rutheno sponte provenientium icones et descriptiones. St. Petersburg, Academia Scientiarum, 1739.

Two important and generously illustrated botanical works produced by respected Linnaean correspondents at the Imperial Academy of Sciences at St. Petersburg.

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HIPPOCRATES. Opera Omnia. Venice, Aldine Press, May 1526.

A fine and fresh copy of the editio princeps of the Hippocratic corpus, a collection of texts assembled in the third century B.C., including the Hippocratic Oath and many of the foundation texts of western medicine, traditionally attributed to the legendary physician and teacher Hippocrates of Cos.

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“Basis, With Work Of Linnaeus, Of Modern Natural Classification Of Plants.” -- Horblit, 68b

JUSSIEU, Antoine Laurent. Genera Plantarum secundum Ordines Natur ales Disposita, juxta Methodum im Horto Regio Parisiensi Exaratam, Anno MDCCLXXIV. Paris, Widow of Hersaint & Theophile Barrois, 1789.

First edition and fine copy of this work on plant classification which eclipsed all previous taxonomies, and whose general arrangement of families remains current today.

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“The Most Important Book on Mechanics Published in the Sixteenth Century” – Drake

MONTE, Guido Ubaldo, Marchese del. Mechanicorum Liber. Pesaro, H. Concordia, 1577.

Rare first edition of the author’s first work, generally regarded as the most important treatise on mechanics since Archimedes and a critical influence on Galileo.

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