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PLINY THE ELDER. Historia naturale di Caio Plinio Secondo… novamente correcta & da infiniti errori purgada: Aggionte etiam di novo le figure a tutti li libri conveniente. [Colophon:] Venice, Sessa & Piero di Ravani, 1516.

First illustrated Italian-language edition of this landmark work of the Renaissance. Pliny the Elder’s ‘Natural History’ was effectively an encyclopedia of knowledge, covering everything from geography and physics to medicine and zoology. The fine woodcuts, first used in 1513, depict charming scenes of country life (vine growing, harvesting), metallurgy, animals (elephants, giraffes, lions), etc.

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POLO, Marco. La Description Geographique des provinces & villes plus fameuses de l’Inde Orientale. Paris, Jehan Longis, 1556.

Rare first French edition of the work considered “the first to give anything approaching a correct and detailed account of China and the Far East” (PMM), and perhaps the most influential travel book of all time.

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With 194 Illustrations Of Machines

RAMELLI, Agostino. Le Diverse et Artifiose Machine... Nelle quali si contengono varii et industriosi Movimenti, degni di Grandissima Speculatione, per cavarne beneficio infinito in ogni sorte d'operatione. Paris, for the author, 1588.

First and sole edition of this profusely illustrated landmark on early technology, and along with Agricola's De Re Metallica (1556), the most influential and copied of all the early illustrated manuals of inventions and machines.

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An Astronomical Perpetual Calendar

SCANAVACCA, Bartolomeo. Novissima Inventione per dissegnare con grandissima facilite prestezza Horologi Solari, Italiani, Babilonici, e Francesi. Padova, Stamperia del Seminario per Bernardo Luciani, 1688.

Rare first and sole edition of this description of a sundial of the author's invention, which functioned as an astronomical perpetual calendar: determining for any day of the year the sun's rising, noon, setting, and mid-night, place of the sun in the Zodiac, etc. The work explains how to take basic measurements and co-ordinate them with the known physical points of Northern Italian cities through the calendar.

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