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Organic Chemistry On The Index

RASPAIL, Francois Vincent. Nouveau Systeme De Chimie Organique, Fondur Des Methodes Nouvelles D'Observation... Paris, J.B. Bailliere, 1833.

First edition of a pivotal book in organic chemistry and the most important and original scientific work of a self-taught, somewhat belligerent scientist-politician Raspail (1794-1878).

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The Discovery of Oxygen

SCHEELE, Carl Wilhelm. Chemische Abhandlung von der Luft und dem Feuer. Nebst einem Vorbericht von Torbern Bergman... Upsala & Leipzig, Magn. Swederus... zu finden bey S.L. Crusius, 1777.

First edition of this extremely scarce and important book which contains the announcement of Scheele’s discovery of oxygen, made independently of, and two years prior to, Priestley.

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