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[METRIC SYSTEM] / [FRENCH REPUBLIC] Mesures Républicaines. Paris, 1793-99.

Contemporary sammelband of 26 rare first-edition tracts relating to the early development of the metric system during the French First Republic. The volume contains titles published in Paris between 1793 and 1799, several of which include large folding tables and engravings illustrating problem surrounding the adoption of various new measurement standards for weights, linear units, monetary units, etc. The earliest and longest title included here has been extensively corrected and supplemented by a contemporary annotator to reflect later official changes to measurement and unit nomenclature.

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Galileo, Guldin and Mersenne Square Off at the Collegio Romano

[[GALILEIANA] ] CASATI, Paolo. Terra machinis mota dissertationes geometricae, mechanicae, physicae, hydrostaticae ... . Rome, Ignazio de Lazaro, 1658.

Scarce augmented edition of this work on the theory of machines and the nature of gravity by the young Jesuit Paolo Casati.

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The First Separately Issued Archimedean Texts

ARCHIMEDES/BOETHIUS/CAMPANO Da Novara/GAURICO, Luca, ed.. Tetragonismus id est circuli quadratura per Ca(m)panu(m), Archimede(m) Syracusanu(m) atq(ue) boetium mathematicae perspicacissimos adinuenta. Venice, Ioan. Bapti. Sessa,, 1503.

First published Latin edition of De Mensura Circuli and De Quadratura Parabolae, containing Archimedes' application of the method of exhaustion (the early form of integration) and the earliest theoretical calculation of p; apart from Valla's excerpts of 1501, THE FIRST PRINTED LATIN TEXTS OF ARCHIMEDES (Rose, p. 50).

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ARCHIMEDES/ed. RIVAULT, David. Archimedis Opera quae extant. Novis Demonstrationibus Commentariisque illustrata. Paris, Claude Morel, 1615.

First edition of the most influential seventeenth-century edition of Archimedes’ complete works. The work contains the Greek text with a Latin “trot” running alongside and has extensive exegetical notes. It was still regarded as the best edition in 1670 when Sturm made his German translation.

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Apollonius Epitome

[Apollonius Pergaeus / Archimedes] BORELLI, Giovanni Alfonso. Elementa Conica'et Archimedis Opera Nova & breviora methodo demonstrata. Rome, Mascardi, 1679.

Scarce first edition of this pocket epitome of Apollonius' Conics along with a pr's of the arguments of various works of Archimedes.

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