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Scurvy And Public Health

ALBERTI, Salomon. Schorbuti Historia cui inobservatum vel saltem indictum hactenus symptoma accesit. Wittenberg, Georg Muller, 1594.

Rare first edition of one of the earliest works on the subject of scurvy by the well-known anatomist, undertaken to survey the incidence of the disease in the ducal territories around Wittenberg, and consequently qualifying as an example of public health medicine.

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With 150 Woodcuts

Anonymous. Herbolario Volgare, nel qual e le virtu de le herbe, & molti altri simplici sec dechiarano, con alcune belle aggionte novamente de latino in volgare tradutto. Venice, Giovanni Andrea Vavassore, 1534.

Rare, second Italian-language edition (first 1522) of the Herbarius latinus, an important document for the dissemination of botanical/medical knowledge in popular culture, particularly for the adoption of this originally German-printed Latin work for readers in the Veneto. With 150 nearly full-page woodcut illustrations of plants.

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Debut Of Thoracic Percussion

AUENBRUGGER, Leopold. Inventum novum ex percussione thoracis humani ut signo Abstrusos Interni Pectoris Morbos Detegendi. Vienna, J.T. Trattner, 1761.

Very rare first edition, first issue of "one of the greatest of medical classiscs" describing a new method of physical diagnosis--thoracic percussion, namely, tapping a patient's chest and determining from the resultant sound whether it was healthy or diseased.

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BILS, D.D. Ludovici de. Specimina Anatomica, cum clarriss. Doctissimorumque Virorum Epistolis aliquot & Testimoniis. . Rotterdam, Arnoldus Leers, 1661.

Extremely rare group of anatomical pamphlets in first Latin edition by Lodewijk de Bils, a nobleman from Flanders, who advertised a method of turning bodies into transparent teaching tools preserved and embalmed in a wax-like substance.

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Pioneering Hydrotherapy

BRANCALEONI, Giovanni Francesco. Quam salubria balnea sint: cum ad sanitatem tuendam, tum ad morbos curandos, dialogus adversus neotericos medicos. Rome, A. Bladus de Asula, 1535.

Rare first edition of this influential balneological treatise by one of the founding fathers of hydrotherapy

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