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BILS, D.D. Ludovici de. Specimina Anatomica, cum clarriss. Doctissimorumque Virorum Epistolis aliquot & Testimoniis. . Rotterdam, Arnoldus Leers, 1661.

Extremely rare group of anatomical pamphlets in first Latin edition by Lodewijk de Bils, a nobleman from Flanders, who advertised a method of turning bodies into transparent teaching tools preserved and embalmed in a wax-like substance.

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Extraction Of Gold And Silver in Europe, From the New World

BORN, Ignaz Elder von. Ueber das Anquicken der gold-und silberhaltigen Erze, Rohsteine, Schwarkupfer und Huttenspeise. Vienna, Christian Freidrich Wappier, 1786.


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[ACOUSTICS] CHLADNI, E. F. F.. Entdeckungen über die Theorie des Klanges. Leipzig, Weidmanns Erben und Reich, 1787.

First edition of this experimental classic – a novel attempt to describe and visualize the production of sound from solid bodies – now considered “the foundation of the modern science of acoustics” (PMM). Chladni devised a method of representing vibrating bodies by means of sand figures (still known as “Chladni figures”) by spreading sand over glass and copper plates and drawing a violin bow over their edges to make the plates vibrate. “The strange and beautiful Chladni figures ... attracted much scientific attention in the early 19th century, inspiring fruitful investigation of the mathematics of elastic vibration” (Norman).

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DESCARTES, René [VIEUSSENS, Raymond]. Les Principes de la Philosophie. Escrits en Latin, par René Descartes. Et traduits en François par un de ses Amis. Revues, & corrigez en cette derniere Edition. Paris, Bobin & Le Gras, 1668.

Scarce edition of Descartes’ magnum opus, bearing the manuscript ex-libris of Raymond Vieussens (1635-1715), Royal Physician to Louis XIV and an important anatomist in his own right.

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With 41 Woodcuts Of Mining And Metallurgical Apparatus

ERCKER, Lazarus. Aula Subterranea Domina Dominantium Subdita Subditorum. Das ist: untererdische Hofhaltung, ohne welche weder die Herren regieren, noch die Unterthanen gehorchen kn; Interpres phraseologiae metallurgicae. Frankfurt, Paul Hummen for Johann David Zunners, 1672-3.

Scarce augmented edition of this illustrated technological classic, "second only to Agricola in the number of original contributions to the literature of mining and metallurgy and the beauty of the graphic treatment of the crafts." - Dibner 89 (1574)

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