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Agricola's First Book On Mining
In A Rare Separate Leipzig Imprint

AGRICOLA, Georg. Bermannus, sive de re metallica. Ab accurata autoris recognitione & emendatione nunc primum editus. Cum nomenclatura rerum metallicarum. Leipzig, Valentinus Pap, 1546.

Rare Leipzig printing of Agricola's first book devoted to mining, "a pioneer delineation of mining and metallurgy" (DSB), and of particular interest to the study of occupational diseases.

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AGRICOLA, Georg. De re metallica Libri XII quibus officia, instrumenta, machinae ac omnia denique ad Metallicam spectantia... . Basel, [Froben], 1561.

An appealing copy of the second Latin edition of “the first systematic treatise on mining and metallurgy” (PMM 70, 1556 ed.), by Agricola, town physician in Joachimsthal, a silver-mining community in the eastern side of the Erzegebirge mountains in modern-day Czechoslovakia.

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[MINERALOGY] AGRICOLA, Giorgio. De la generatione de le cose, che sotto la terra sono, e de le cause de’ loro effeti e nature. Venice, Michelle Tramezzino, 1550.

Rare first Italian edition and first edition in any vernacular language of “the first handbook of modern systematic mineralogy” (Horblit/Grolier, Latin no. 1546).

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Scurvy And Public Health

ALBERTI, Salomon. Schorbuti Historia cui inobservatum vel saltem indictum hactenus symptoma accesit. Wittenberg, Georg Muller, 1594.

Rare first edition of one of the earliest works on the subject of scurvy by the well-known anatomist, undertaken to survey the incidence of the disease in the ducal territories around Wittenberg, and consequently qualifying as an example of public health medicine.

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Imperial Botany

AMMAN, Johannes. Stirpium rariorum in Imperio Rutheno sponte provenientium icones et descriptiones. St. Petersburg, Academia Scientiarum, 1739.

Two important and generously illustrated botanical works produced by respected Linnaean correspondents at the Imperial Academy of Sciences at St. Petersburg.

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