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[FETES / MALLORCA IMPRINTS] Anonymous. Breve noticia de las festivas domostraciones que con el plausible motivo de la real proclamacion del señor don Carlos IV. Hecha en la ciudad de Palma dia 11. de Julio de 1789. Palma de Mallorca, Imprenta Real, 1789.

Extremely rare first and sole edition of this Mallorcan festival book commemorating the festivities held in Palma on the occasion of Charles IV’s accession to the throne.

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Drawing on Vellum

[DANCE OF DEATH] Anonymous. ANONYMOUS DRAWING, attributed to Francesco di Giovanni in graphite on verso. c. 1750-1800.

Highly finished preparatory design for a fresco or tapestry connected to the Albani family, whose coat of arms appears under the left-hand arch crowned with a cardinal's hat.

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Royal Fêtes in Barcelona Illustrated With 20 Plates

[BARCELONA FÊTES] Anonymous. Collection of nine pamphlets celebrating royal entries into Barcelona. Barcelona, 1783,1802,1827.

Rare, illustrated collection of nine ephemeral fête programs documenting three generations of royal entries into Barcelona: Charles III in 1783, his son Charles IV in 1802, and grandson Ferdinand VII in 1827. This group of pamphlets affords a comparison between royal entries staged before and after the French occupation of Catalonia (1808-1823).

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Funeral Oration for Lorenzo de Medici

[MEDICI, Lorenzo de] BIENATUS, Aurelius. Oratio in funere Laurentii de Medicis habita. [Milan, Philippus de Mantegatiss, c. 1492].

Rare, first edition of this funeral oration for Lorenzo de Medici, the greatest art patron of the Renaissance, delivered in Naples by a Sicilian Archbishop.

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[FIREWORKS] BLÜMEL, Johann Daniel / HÖCKELY, Michael, ed. Gründliche Anweisung z. Lust- Feuerwerkerey, besonders in denjenigen Stücken, die das Auge der Zuschauer am meisten erlustigen und in Verwunderung setzen…. Strasbourg, A. König, 1771.

Second augmented edition of Blümel’s practical guide to the manufacture and use of recreational fireworks with the addition of a 37-page supplement by Höckely not present in the first edition on indoor fireworks and one additional plate giving the first printed description of a pinwheel, or Catherine wheel firework.

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