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The First Picture of Niagara Falls & The First Picture of Buffalo

HENNEPIN, Louis. Nouvelle Decouverte d'un tres grand Pays situans L'Amerique. Utrecht, Guillaume Broedelet, 1697.

Scarce first edition and very good copy of this widely read continuation of Hennepin's travelogue, called by Lande "one of the most important volumes in the early history of North America." Hennepin went as a missionary to Canada in 1675 and accompanied La Salle to the Illinois River in 1679/80.

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Hennepin in Dutch, With New Plates

HENNEPIN, Louis.. Beschryving van Louisania, Nieuwelijks ontdekt ten Zuid-Westen van Nieuw-Vrankryk, door order van den Koning. Amsterdam, Jan Ten Hoorn, 1688.

First Dutch edition of the first and most important of Hennepin's writings (Howes), translated from the 1683 French original, Description de la Louisiane, and here augmented by Denys description of New France, BOTH ILLUSTRATED WITH NEW PLATES.

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[LIMA IMPRINT] LUXAN, Mariano. Relacion Funebre de las Reales Exequias …de la Serenissima Magestad…La Señora Doña Maria Barbara de Portugal, Catholica Reyna de las Indias, mandò celebrar en esta capital de Los Reyes el dia 4 de Septiembre de 1759. Lima, Imprenta Real for Pedro Nolasco Alvorado, 1760.

Rare first edition of the funeral-book of Maria Barbara of Portugal, Queen-consort of Spain and wife of Ferdinand VI, with a large folding plate of her catafalque.

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MAGNI, Cornelio. Relazione della città d'Athene, colle provincie dell'Attica, Focia, Beozia, e Negroponte, ne'tempi, che furono queste passeggiate... Parma, Galeazzo Rosati, 1688.

Extremely rare first edition of this account of Athens by the Italian adventurer Cornelio Magni, one of very few accounts of that city to appear in the early modern era and one of even fewer to give accurate, up to date eyewitness illustrations of its monuments.

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MARIANI, Giovanni. Tariffa Perpetua. Con le ragion fatte per scontro di qualunque Mercadante si voglia, che dimostra quanto monta ogni quantita de cadauna mercantia ad ogni precio, si a peso come numero. Buona per ogniuno in Venetia, Dalmatia, & altri luoghi;. Venice, 1572.

Very rare later edition of this guide for traveling merchants, “adapted to meet the needs of Northern Italy” (Smith, Rara Arithmetica). As noted in the title, the work allowed the user to convert between currencies as far afield as Dalmatia (Croatia), as well as converting eg. lengths of cloth into local equivalents in Tripoli, Constantipole, and Corfu.

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