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[FETES / MALLORCA IMPRINTS] Anonymous. Breve noticia de las festivas domostraciones que con el plausible motivo de la real proclamacion del señor don Carlos IV. Hecha en la ciudad de Palma dia 11. de Julio de 1789. Palma de Mallorca, Imprenta Real, 1789.

Extremely rare first and sole edition of this Mallorcan festival book commemorating the festivities held in Palma on the occasion of Charles IV’s accession to the throne.

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Drawing on Vellum

[DANCE OF DEATH] Anonymous. ANONYMOUS DRAWING, attributed to Francesco di Giovanni in graphite on verso. c. 1750-1800.

Highly finished preparatory design for a fresco or tapestry connected to the Albani family, whose coat of arms appears under the left-hand arch crowned with a cardinal's hat.

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ANTOINE, Jean. Traité d’architecture, ou proportions des trois ordres grecs, sur un module de douze parties. Par Jean Antoine, Architecte & Arpenteur Général du Départment de Metz. Treves, 1768.

Rare first and sole edition of this provincially published architectural treatise by an Alsatian architect seeking to promote his work in the wider cultural environment straddling the Franco-German language divide.

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BACCANTI, Alberto. Maometto, legislatore degli arabi e fondatore dell’Impero musulmano; poema del canonico Kav. Baccanti. Casalmaggiore, Fratelli Bizzarri, 1791.

Very rare first and sole edition of this illustrated poem on the life of Muhammad, composed in twelve cantos of ottava rima, with twelve full-page engraved plates by the Casalmaggiore painter Paolo Araldi (d. 1811), as well as two frontispiece portraits of the author and of Muhammad astride a rampant horse.

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With an Analysis of the Perspective
of Raphael’s ‘Sposalizio’

BARCA, Pietro Antonio. Avvertimenti e Regole circa L’Architettura Civile, Scultura, Pittura, Prospettiva et Architettura Militare per Offesa e Difesa di Fortezze. . Milan, Pandolfo Malatesta, 1620.

Very rare first edition of this understudied general architectural treatise from Lombardy...

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