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Battle of the Biographers

[SWEDEN / CHARLES XII / VOLTAIRE] FABRICE, Friedrich Ernst von.. Anecdotes du sejour du roi de Suede a Bender, ou, Lettres de Mr. le baron de Fabrice pour servir d’eclaircissement a l’histoire de Charles XII. Hamburg, Christian Herold, 1760.

Rare first French edition (first German: 1759) of this account of Charles XII’s exile in Turkey, published on the request of Voltaire to supplement his biography of the monarch and validate it vis-à-vis the rival biography published by Nordberg.

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Important for the Study of Early Portuguese Contacts with Asia

[INDIA] FREIRE DE ANDRADA, Jacinto / tr. WYCHE, Peter.. The Life of Dom John de Castro, the Fourth Vice-Roy of India ... Containing also a particular relation of the most famous siege of Dio ... . London, Henry Herringman, 1664.

First edition in English, first issue, of the most famous biography in the Portuguese language.

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“One of the Most Lavish Books of the Eighteenth Century”
With 59 Full-Page Plates in Magnificent Hand-Color

HAMILTON, William. Campi Phlegraei: Observations on the Volcanoes of the Two Sicilies, as They Have Been Communicated to the Royal Society of London. Naples, 1776-1779.

Rare first edition of this monumental illustrated work by Sir William Hamilton (1731-1803), British ambassador to the court of Naples, amateur vulcanologist, and antiquarian.

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19th Century German Neo-Classicism

[NEO-CLASSICISM / COSTUME] HIRT, Aloysius / BRÜHL, Karl Friedrich Moritz, Graf von. Die Weihe des EROS URANOS. Ein festlicher Aufzug mit Tanzen. Gegeben den 8 ten Januar 1818 in weissen Saale des Königlichen Schlosses, zur hohen Vermählungsfeier…des Prinzen Friedrich von Preussen…. Berlin, Wittich, 1818.

Rare first edition of this record of an extravagant pageant-ballet performed at the Wilhelmine court of William Friedrich III, first performed for his nephew and niece and encored for the King himself about a month later.

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A Sudoku Source

Isomura Yoshinori. Zōho Sanpō ketsugishō, 5 kan. Kyoto, Nakamura Gohei , 1684.

Extremely rare copy of a classic work produced in 1661 during Japan’s intellectual awakening by the important mathematician Isomura Yoshinori (d. 1710).

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