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A Remarkable American Astronomical Device

Planetarium/ Armillary Sphere/ Scientific Education. BRYANT, Henry L. [Hartford, CT., 1872]
The Celestial Indicator .

18 1/2 inches high, 11 1/2 inches diameter, 7 1/2 inch diameter base. Comprised of a series of calibrated brass armillary bands forming a spherical frame, surrounding an orrery mechanism comprised of the various known planets represented by wooden spheres on wire armatures, spherical and painted wooden representation of the earth with revolving moon sphere, a rectangular plate representing the asteroid belt, and at the very center a brass sphere representing the sun, turning by a knob on the outer part of the sphere. The brass bands mounted with instruction label, label showing the stars in the zodiac belt, and central front label on rounded plate showing the northern sky including the serpent constellation. All raised on a round cast iron base with gilt-line decoration. Some tarnishing of metals, still excellent condition overall.

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Fine Manuscript Plan of a New Jersey Development

Chews Landing/ New Jersey. ANONYMOUS [New Jersey, 1891]
Map of Echo Park The property of Richar N. Herring Situated At Chews landing Camden Co. N. J. 1891.
17 ½ x 30 5/8 inches
Pen & ink & watercolors on paper mounted on heavy linen. Age toned but colors still vibrant; else excellent condition.

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Colorado's Majestic Scenery by Rail

Colorado/ Railroad History. POOLE BROS./ KNIGHT, LEONARD & CO. [Chicago, 1893]
Panoramic Views along the Line of the Denver & Rio Grande Railroad. The Scenic Line Of The World.
8 x 51 inches
Folding color-lithographed brochure. 3 ¾ x 8 inches (folded), 8 x 51 inches (unfolded). Slight soiling, few reinforced splits, parts of letters of caption lost to cropping, else excellent.

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A Delightful Cartographic Curiosity
From Chicago's Columbian Exposition of 1893

Globe/ Chicago World's Fair/ Curiosity. SCHEDLER, Joseph [Jersey City, 1893]

[Over-printed along equator:] WORLD'S COLUMBIAN EXPOSITION, CHICAGO, ILL. 3-inch terrestrial globes, 12 lithographed, hand-colored gores mounted over plaster, on nickel-plated, worn, cast iron stand, housing a pencil sharpener; 5 1/4-inch total height. Some abrasion & losses to globe but quite good for such an item.

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Exceptionally Well-Preserved Bandana
Commemorating the 1893 Columbian World Exposition

Columbus/ Textile Americana. WINDSOR COMPANY [North Adams, Mass., 1893]
Souvenir Of Columbus Exposition. Chicago.
24 ½ x 27 ½ inches
Lithograph on cotton cloth, in brown, white and pink; fine condition.

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