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The Great Colonial Map of Georgia & South Carolina
A Superb Example

Georgia/ South Carolina. DE BRAHM, W./ LE ROUGE, G. [Paris, 1777]
Caroline Meridionale et Partie de la Georgie . . . [with:] Cours De La Riviere D’Hudson . . . .
On four sheets, joined to form two, each 26 x 41 inches. Original outline color; few small stains, near mint.


The very scarce, French edition of a landmark of American cartography in a fine example. “For the first time a large area in the Southern Colonies was mapped accurately making use of scientific surveys. Settlements, lagoons, and coastal islands are correctly located. This key map was used as the basis for numerous maps throughout the century” (Schwartz & Ehrenberg).
William Gerard De Brahm (1717-1799) was appointed the Surveyor General of the Southern District of North America in 1754. He arrived in Georgia in 1751 with a group of German immigrants. This map delineates the boundaries of the various German settlements in Georgia. It is overall a very disciplined piece of map making, limiting itself to areas known with absolute certainty. This French edition was the second one overall. The first edition of the map, which is now of considerable rarity, was completed in 1757 but not published until 1768. A later English edition appeared in 1780. In a curious case of cartographic economizing, one of the four sheets of this edition includes along with a small part of the De Brahm map an important strip map of the full length of the Hudson River.

cf. Schwartz/ Ehrenberg, p. 163; cf. Cumming/ De Vorsey, no. 310.

Table of Contents

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