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The Prototype Map in a Magnificent Example

Northeast/ New York. JANSSON, J./ VALK & SCHENK [Amsterdam, 1651/ c.1694]
Belgii Novi, Angliae Novae, Et Partis Virginiae Novissima Delineatio. 17 1/4 x 20 1/4 inches
Superb original color; fine condition. Beautifully framed.


A superb example with especially rich period coloring of “one of the fundamental prototype maps of America”—Burden. It served as the prototype for the famed Jansson-Visscher series and was the model for the mapping of the northeast region well into the following century. Moreover, "the prototype map represents Dutch elegance at its best" (Campbell). It is the earliest collectible map to show the correct shapes of Manhattan and Long Island and the first as well to show the Swedish settlements in New Jersey on the Delaware River. It is believed that every settlement that existed in the northeast at the time can be found on this map. It was the first map to show many of the English settlements in the Northeast, particularly those along the Connecticut coast. Likewise, all the Indian tribes that were encountered by Europeans at the time are noted on the map. The map is a reduced version of a large-scale manuscript work made in behalf of Dutch New Netherlands colonists who were protesting the Dutch West India Company’s mismanagement of the colony. Earlier commentators suggested the map’s original maker was Augustine Hermann, but more recent scholars suggest that the lawyer leading the protest, Adrien van der Donck, was the its author.

Burden 305, state 3; Stokes, I.N.P. The Iconography of Manhattan, I, pp. 143-146; Campbell, T. in Tooley, R.V. The Mapping of America, pp. 279, 283.

Table of Contents

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