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The Battle of Yorktown in Fine Detail

Battle of Yorktown. . STEDMAN, Charles. [London, 1794]
Plan of the Siege of York Town in Virginia. 10 ¾ x 12 5/8 inches
Library stamp upper left, excellent condition.


A superbly detailed map of the battleground of the decisive campaign that won American independence. Not only are the positions of the major forces illustrated, but also the commanding officers of most are noted, including Lincoln, Lafayette, Washington, Clinton and Rochambeau. The area's topography is finely rendered. Pivotal aspects of the siege are noted including the attacks of Redoubts 9 and 10, the positions of the Guadaloupe and Charon off the coast, along with a dozen or more sunken ships. The first and second parallels of fortifications around Yorktown are shown as well as over a dozen other positions. The map extends across the York River to show Gloucester and its fortifications and gun emplacements. In all, this map provides better detail than some of the heralded, very rare, earlier plans of the battle.
This is the second appearance of the map that first appeared in Banastre Tarleton's A History of the Campaigns of 1780 & 1781 .... It was re-engraved for Stedman's History of the American War, published in London in 1794.

Nebenzahl, K. Bibliography of Battle Plans, no. 202.

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