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Bird’s-Eye Views of Important Mediterranean Cities
In the Rare First Edition

Malta/ Famagusta/ Cagliari/ Rhodes. BRAUN, G. & HOGENBERG, F. [Cologne, 1572]
Calaris/ Malta/ Rhodus/ Famagusta. 12 ¾ x 18 ¼ inches
Fine hand color; fine condition


The earliest edition of this set of four city plans, printed on a single sheet. Malta, Rhodes, Cagliari and Famagusta were all key strategic ports in the Mediterranean and in the cases of most of these, crucial sites in long conflict between Turkish and western forces. Famagusta, the principal port of Cyprus, had in 1571 just fallen to the Turkish Empire; Rhodes had been an important Hospitaller fortress, but had been held by the Turks since 1522. The remnants of the defenders retired to Malta, which is described as “the best known island of the Mediterranean Sea, which has a strongly fortified town of the same name, where in the year of 1565 the largest Turkish fleet was destroyed and the famous name was made immortal.” Cagliari, the capital of the Kingdom of Sardinia, was an important Spanish stronghold in the Western Mediterranean.

Table of Contents

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