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A Very Attractive English Map of Scandinavia

Scandinavia. BLOME, R. [London, 1669 [1682]]
A Generall Mappe of Scandinavia…. 12 x 16 inches
Fine hand color; excellent condition.


One of the earliest maps of the northern parts of Europe to be both engraved and published in England. It captures the region during the period of Sweden’s ascendancy as a great power and prior to Russia’s defeat of the Swedish army in 1709. The map’s cartography is after that of the Parisian Nicholas Sanson, who was considered to be the most authoritative geographer at the time. Surmounting the cartouche is an elaborate dedication to a Sir Thomas Fitch; his coat-of-arms is prominently displayed, differing from the dedication appearing on earlier states of this map. Blome operated on a subscription model whereby patrons bought atlases in advance and were rewarded by having their arms displayed on the maps. Should a subscriber discontinue his patronage, he could expect his arms to be burnished out and replaced by those of a paying customer, as had happened here.

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