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"The First Modern Regional Map of Scandinavia" (Ginsberg)
A Mint Example

Scandinavia. JODE, G. DE [Amsterdam, 1578/ 1593]
Septentrionaliū Regionum Suetiae Gothiae Norvegiae Daniae et terrarium adiacētium recens exactaque description per Livinum algoet Auctorem Gerardus de Jode excudebat. 14 ½ x 19 ¾ inches
Fine hand color; fine condition with a strong impression.


Gerard De Jode’s rare, finely engraved map of the north parts of Europe that includes all of Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Finland. As Ginsberg explains, "This map is really the first modern regional map of Scandinavia. The larger scale permitted the inclusion of a multitude of place-names,...Its clear detail and aesthetic appeal are characteristic of the van Doeticums [the map's engravers]." It is further valuable for having been a reduction of an important, six-sheet map by Algoet from 1562 that exists in just a single example
Gerard and Cornelis De Jode, father and son respectively, had the misfortune of attempting to enter the atlas market at the same time as the highly successful Abraham Ortelius, whose Theatrum Orbis Terrarum would be produced in forty-two editions. The latter held a monopoly privilege for the publication of this atlas through 1578. While there is little consensus on a qualitative comparison of the Speculum with the Theatrum, commercially the De Jode’s atlas was no match to Ortelius’. As a result only two editions were published, making De Jode's maps difficult-to-find prizes for the collector today.

Ginsberg, W., Printed Maps of Scandinavia and the Arctic, 1482-1601 #28.

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