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A Superb Example of

One of the Most Richly Decorative Dutch Maps
Of the Americas

Americas/ Beer Making. HONDIUS, J. [Amsterdam, 1606/1619]
America. 14 3/4 x 19 3/4 inches.
Fine original color; lightly toned, else excellent condition.


A beautiful example, with rich original color, of one of the most famous and striking maps of the Americas. Enlivening the map are many illustrations of New World natural life, European and Indian sailing vessels, and sea monsters. The large scene in the lower left depicts South American Indians engaged in one of the most unusual methods known to produce beer. In the vignette, women are seen chewing the tough manioc root and then expectorating it into a large bowl; enzymes in the saliva activate the fermenting process. Beer is still produced today in largely the same manner by the Jivaro tribe in Ecuador and consumed by them in truly astonishing quantities—literally gallons per day, it has been reported.
On the map itself, what is now the northeast United States is distorted in an east-west direction, reflective of how dimly known the area was at the beginning of the 17th century. Hondius has also fully reinstated the Southern Continent to the tip of South America, although he had been aware of Drake's voyage ("Nova Albion" appears here) and had earlier produced maps showing a nascent Tierra del Fuego based on Drake.

Burden 150; van der Krogt 9000:1B

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