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Shanghai in the Year of the First Japanese Invasion

Shanghai. ANONYMOUS [Osaka, 1932]
Title in translation: Asahi Newspaper Most Recent Map of Shanghai. 20 x 29 ½ inches
Color-printed. Fine condition.


Fine example of this highly detailed plan of Shanghai that includes a photographic view of the pre-World War II Bund. It appeared the year of the first Japanese invasion of Shanghai in the lead up to all out war between Japan and China. The darker shaded area to the north and west of the Huangpu River delineates the International Concession, while the more lightly shaded region to the south indicates the French Concession. The "Chinese City" occupied a small pocket between the river and French Concession. A legend to the right of the image of the Bund provides a key to its major companies, hotels, garden and bridges. The two other insets are a map of all of China and a plan of Nanjing. Much of the map is in English suggesting the possibility of an English source for it. This includes street names and the names of buildings and wharves along the Bund and the river more generally.
Early in 1932, Japanese forces invaded Shanghai, prompted by an apparent manufactured incident. It ended in a stand-off between Japanese and Chinese forces and a truce dictated by the League of Nations. This was a temporary stop-gap prior Japan's full-on invasion of the city in 1937.
The Asahi Shimbum (Newspaper) is one of Japan's oldest and most respected; it included an English edition, for a period in collaboration with the International Tribune

Table of Contents

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