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The Suppressed Cartographic Secrets
of the Spice Islands

East Indies.. DE BRY, T. / LODEWIJCKS, W. [Frankfurt, 1598]
Nova Tabula Insularum Javae, Sumatrae, Borneonis et Aliarum Mallaccam usquae delineate in insula Iava . . . 14 ¾ x 16 ¾ inches.
Fine hand color; mounted on rice paper; else excellent condition.


A very attractive example of the suppressed Lodewijcksz map of the Straits of Malacca. Lodewijcksz had taken part in Cornelis de Houtmann’s voyage to the East Indies, the first major Dutch voyage to Southeast Asia. By establishing a foothold in the trade city of Bantam, Houtmann’s voyage (which sailed based on the instructions from Linschoten’s Itinerario) provided the basis for the Dutch entry to and early control of the pepper trade.
The Lodewijcksz map revealed, with then unprecedented detail, the area surrounding the straits explored by de Houtmann between 1595 and 1597, and it was intended to appear in Claesz’ 1598 Historie van Indien. Its inclusion, however, was forbidden by the merchants of Amsterdam in an ultimately futile effort to control this valuable knowledge. The map would be published separately by Claesz later that year, and the above described version was subsequently engraved by De Bry and included in his Petits Voyages.

TMC 9 (Garratt) P4; Suarez, T. (SE Asia) pp.181-182, fig. 95.

Table of Contents

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