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With a Fine, Early View of New York City

Northeast/ New York City/ Wall St. LOTTER, T.C./ JANSSON-VISSCHER [Augsburg, c. 1757]
Recens Edita totius Novi Belgii. 19½ x 22 5/8 inches
Original wash color; fine condition.


A superb example of a richly engraved map of the Northeast, which includes a fascinating view of New York City with a rarely seen depiction of the original wall that would become Wall Street. Called the Restitutio View for its dramatic depiction of the restitution of Dutch power in the New York City in 1673, it shows Dutch soldiers marching south along the city’s east side on their way to seizing the fort. Dutch rule in New York lasted only a single year before the English took final control in 1674. (See Manhattan in Maps, reference below, for an account of this surprising event in New York history.)
The wall that stood where Wall Street now runs was in fact a wooden stockade, built in 1653, when word reached New Amsterdam of a planned though later aborted, English attack of the city. Atop the view, a monarch, possibly George II, is being presented with the bounty of America. Published the T. C. Lotter, this was the final edition of the very long-lived Jansson-Visscher series of maps. The Jansson map, which served as the template of the general map in the series, was one of the most durable prototypes in the mapping of America.

cf. Augustyn/ Cohen, Manhattan in Maps, pp. 46-7; Tooley, America, p. 291, #26a, fourth state.

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